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R. Christina Fenton

Psychotherapist and Educator

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Bridge Over River

R. Christina Fenton Welcomes You

"To walk alongside someone in darkness and accompany that person to the light is the greatest privilege of a therapist's life" - R. Christina Fenton

Feeling stuck? At a crossroads in your life or relationship? Everyone occasionally feels lost, conflicted, or sad at times. As a Registered Clinical Counsellor, I can help you tap into your strengths so you can overcome your circumstances and truly thrive. I offer both face-to-face and secure online counselling so you don't have to carry your concerns alone.

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About Me

Passionate Counselling Professional and Educator

I am a Jamaican living in Vancouver. As a recent immigrant, I am aware of how the process and experience of forging a new life can bring both satisfaction and distress especially in intimate relationships.
Life transitions can cause emotional stress and often, we need help to tap into our own inherent strengths. I work from an anti-oppression lens and am a firm believer in intersectionality as part of the human condition.
Sexuality and sexual behaviours can also be challenging for some but, I am passionate about working with individuals and couples of all genders, orientations, races and ethnicities. I also specialize in addictions which I view as a maladaptive coping skill for traumatic situations.
Parenting presents its own challenges as most of us learn "on the job" with no training at all. I am very willing to help you navigate the most difficult and yet most important job in the world. I have had additional training in parenting and have helped many to foster better relationships with their children.
Coming from a culture that reveres our elders, I am interested in issues facing seniors. Mobility concerns, diminishing sexual capacity, physical and mental decline and end of life concerns are generally not addressed by our youth-obsessed societies. My role is to help you learn to cope with change.
As a former teacher for over a decade, I am a believer in the power of people to learn, grow and change. Therapy is the bridge between where we are and where we would like to be. I am very eager to accompany you to mental well-being.

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Strengths-Based Approaches

Access your internal resources to better your life

We all have strengths that have helped us survive everything we have faced in life. Often, when under stress, we lose sight of how amazing we really are. My approach recognizes how your background, social location and your vision of your future intersect to help or hinder your process of "becoming".

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Therapy Session

Individual Counselling

“Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement.”
― Alfred Adler

The most constant thing in life is that things will change. Some of those changes are challenging and uncomfortable like grief, depression and anxiety. Others are positive but scary like voluntary migration, committing to a partner or becoming a parent. Sometimes we all need a little help to identify and tap into our strengths. With my assistance, we can help you become your best self.

Relationship Counselling

“To be human is to need others, and this is no flaw or weakness.”
― Sue Johnson

From our earliest experiences in life all the way to the moment we leave the planet, we are in relationships with others. Sometimes those relationships require us to develop new skills to sustain or improve them. My work is to help you foster connection, better communication and satisfying sexual expression in your intimate relationships.

Parent and Child

Parenting Counselling

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” –Frederick Douglass

Using evidence-based approaches to parenting, I am able to help you gain the skills and knowledge to raise secure, well-adjusted children. Often, we put ourselves under enormous pressure to be perfect parents, which ultimately does not serve our children or ourselves. In truth, we all want the best for our children but sometimes need support to provide it.

Online Counselling

“Technology is best when it brings people together.” - Matt Mullenweg

My practice has been strictly online since 2020. The beauty of digital technology is that it allows people to connect across geographical space. I offer the use of PHIPA compliant, secure and user friendly software for people with a wide range of presenting issues.

Man working with Laptop
Wandering Traveler

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh

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As the process of therapy is based on an authentic relationship between the therapist and the client, I offer a 15 minute phone consultation to see if we are a good "fit". I also determine if your concern falls within my areas of specialization.

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$190/hr (Canada)

$10,000/hr (Jamaica)

Individual Counselling

$220/hr (Canada)

$18,000/hr (Jamaica)

Relationship Counselling

$150/hr (Canada)

$8000/hr (Jamaica)

Special rate for seniors

Schedule a Session

Ready to create higher levels of well being? Contact me now to schedule an appointment!

Vancouver, B.C.

12363334275 (Canada),

18767922326 (Jamaica - Whatsapp only)

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