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Sex Therapy

How Sex Therapy Can Make You More Comfortable With Your Sex Life

Whether you’re part of a committed couple, polyamorous, or single, you relate to the spectrum of human sexuality in some way. This topic is personal, relates strongly to the way you see yourself and other people, and yet, most of us don’t talk about it very often. As a result, you can develop a lot of anxiety, discomfort, and stress around sex, and how it relates to you.

If you feel that way, it may be time to look into sex therapy, a service I am proud to offer. While couples therapy is one popular form of sex therapy, they’re not one and the same.

Polyamorous individuals or units can benefit from this therapy, as can individuals who are single. Even asexual individuals or those who believe they may be asexual may need sex therapy, to adress the effect that this expression has on their life.

Aging, disability, or sudden loss of libido can have a major impact on your sex life. It’s normal to feel challenged, desperate, or frustrated by the changes you’re undergoing. Talking to someone and sorting through these feelings is a strong first step to accepting, and adapting to these changes. While your life may not always be the way you dreamed it, we can find a path that allows you to continue healthy sexual expression. 

If you are in a dedicated relationship with one or more partners, I also offer relationship counselling. Whether you’re dealing with a breach of trust such as infidelity, or experience difficulty due to cross-cultural and inter-racial concerns, we can also explore the issues together in a non-judgmental environment. Often, friction in a relationship boils down to a problem of communication, and we can find a way to talk through them.

If your relationship feels challenged, or you’re overwhelmed with stress connected to your sex life, you don’t have to go it alone. You, and any willing partners you may have, can begin the work of sex therapy with my help. If you're ready to schedule an appointment for individual or couples therapy, reach out today to learn more about my current availability.

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