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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy Can Adapt To Your Needs

When you're dealing with depression, anxiety, or any other personal issues that feel overwhelming, individual therapy can truly help take some of the weight off your shoulders. I’m here to offer a listening ear, a caring perspective, and sensible suggestions as they may apply to your situation.

Although it may be difficult, face to face conversation is always the best option. In some scenarios, such as disasters or pandemics, it may be necessary to meet online. You may also live or travel very far away, and in that case, remote work is perhaps for the best. If you’d like to speak to me but have concerns about getting here, feel free to ask me about online counseling.

We all have strengths that have helped us survive everything we have faced in life. Often, when under stress, we lose sight of how amazing we really are. My approach recognizes how your background, social location, and vision of your future intersect to help or hinder your process of growing and evolving.

With my assistance, you can latch onto your strengths and become your best self. The power of individual therapy can be truly remarkable, if you are open to it. Give me a call, and we’ll determine whether in-person or online therapy is right for you.

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