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New To Canada

Is The New To Canada Experience Stressful For You?

If you're new to Canada, you are almost certainly undergoing an exciting but incredibly stressful experience. Cultural differences between Canada and your country of origin may be quite severe. Perhaps you spoke a different language, and were able to express yourself differently. One set of words or actions back home might mean something completely different here in Canada. 

While government programs for new immigrants exist, they don’t help with the feelings of being displaced or alienated. Even if you’re happy overall with your new home, adjusting may be making you upset or worried, and that’s completely understandable. 

You may even be experiencing racism and prejudice, which can cause deep, lasting hurt. For all these reasons and more, it’s important to have someone to talk to, and to help you work through the difficulties of being new to Canada.

That’s where I can help. As an immigrant to Canada myself, I understand that it isn’t easy becoming a minority and dealing with these huge life transitions. You shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to me, so we can begin a conversation about adjusting to your newfound home.

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